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Hair Transplant Antalya

Hair transplant Antalya is a surgical procedure used to solve hair loss or thinning problems.

Hair loss can have several different causes. Factors such as genetics, aging, hormonal changes, stress, malnutrition are the causes of hair loss.

Hair transplantation Antalya with Cremna Health Group, During this process, the hair follicles taken from the scalp are transferred to the target areas, thus ensuring the growth of new hair.


How does the hair transplant Antalya procedure take?


 1-) Online hair transplant Antalya consultation;

Online hair transplant antalya consulation is done as the first step. In this Hair transplant Consultation, the patient’s anamnesis and photographs are taken. These photographs and the patient’s information are consulted with the hair transplant Antalya specialists working in Cremna Health Group. Also, your questions will be answered as soon as possible. The Basic treatment plan for that patient is prepared.

2-) Hair transplantation Antalya Package content;

There are many options in our hair transplant packages, such as airport transfer services, hotel packages, online 7:24 interpreter support and city tour packages.

3-) Reservation and Proccess for Hair Transplant in Antalya;

Reservation is confirmed once the patient decides on hair transplantation and determines their arrival date. When the patient arrives at the airport, they will be welcomed by a special VIP transfer vehicle displaying the Cremna Health Group sign.

Before the hair transplantation procedure, patients need to consider a few important points. They should avoid alcohol and excessive smoking, as well as certain blood-thinning medications. For more details, please contact us.

On the day after arrival, the patient should have breakfast. The patient and the coordinator will go to clinic.

Some forms outlining the planned treatment are filled out, and a blood sample is taken to check for any underlying conditions. Additionally, a marking is made on the recipient area and baldness area. Once the patient’s blood results are ready, the operation commences.

In the initial phase, grafts are carefully extracted from the patient’s donor area and grouped together. This step varies in duration (2 to 4 hours) depending on the patient. The patient is given a break and offered food service.

The second stage involves implanting the grafts into the target area. You might be wondering about the hair transplantation methods used. You can find more information by clicking here Dhi vs Fue tecnique

After the patient’s surgery is completed, they receive medications for that day and instructions for post-operative care. The patient’s first gentle wash is performed after 24 hours, along with further explanations of post-operative care.

It is advisable for the patient to rest for another 24 hours…

Is Antalya a suitable address for hair transplantation?

Antalya hair transplantation has been increasing its popularity in recent years, and its experienced and expert staff, which is a part of them, does the best for quality service and satisfaction of hair transplantation patients.

What is a graft in hair transplantation?

Each hair graft usually contains one or more hair follicles. Grafts are taken from the donor area (usually the nape area) during hair transplantation and transferred to the balding or sparse area.

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Am I suitable for hair transplantation?

Hair transplant candidates generally need to have sufficient hair follicles in certain areas of their scalp due to hair loss. In addition, factors such as your health status, age, reason for hair loss and general health history are evaluated before hair transplant in Antalya.

Complications in Hair Transplantation


Hair transplantation is a pretty safe surgery with not many issues. Since it’s a cosmetic surgery, any problems that do come up can affect how you feel about yourself and how you interact with others. Specialist who do this kind of surgery need to know about possible problems and how to deal with them. Most problems can be stopped or made smaller by doing the surgery the right way and taking care of the wound afterward.


Talking to the person getting the surgery before doing it is important. This makes sure everything is planned well and the person knows what to expect. Each person is different, so the surgery should be planned and done in a way that tries to avoid problems and make the person happy with the results.


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How do we calculate the number of grafts?

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It should be noted that we definitely need patient photos to calculate the number of grafts at the initial stage.

Would 1000 grafts be enough?

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First, the target area for sowing is determined and the number of grafts is determined by the specialist. If 1000 grafts are sufficient to cover the target area, that is, the bald area, 1000 grafts are planned.

How much cover does 1200 graft take?

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In order to perform 1200 grafting, the open areas are calculated by our experts and if it is seen that you are fit to close the 1200 graft open areas, it is evaluated as 1200 grafts.

1500 grafts will be enough for how much area?

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An exact number of grafts is planned by calculating the areas that our hair transplant team specialist will mark during the face-to-face consultation.

Will 3000 grafts be enough for the front area?

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3000 grafts may only be enough for the front area, but it is definitely decided by patient photos and face-to-face consultation.

How much does 4000 grafts cost and how many hours does it take?

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The cost of transplanting 4000 grafts is approximately 1600-2200 euro. Prices vary according to the packages the patient will get.

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